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20+ Pictures That Prove The Sun Hates Your Guts

20+ Pictures That Prove The Sun Hates Your Guts

It’s no secret that everyone looks forward to the summertime year after year. As the weather gets warmer, the days get longer, and our moods seem all around better–we get more and more excited to partake in activities that only fall into the summer season. We drive in mass piles of traffic to get to the beach for only a short period of time. We stand out in the hot, hot sun to barbeque food that’s generally bad for us. We work year-round to rock that “summer body” we can’t stop talking about. Sure, the summer is one of the best seasons around–but, unfortunately for many, the summer sun hates us more than we hate the dreaded, dark, cold winter. If you’re like me and you’re fair skinned–in the most extreme possible definition–you know that being in the sun is a risky battle. Sunburns, of course, are painful AF. No matter how much aloe vera we buy and apply, nothing stings worse than taking a shower with a sunburn. And, while we all have one or two sunburns in our day, nothing beats these individual’s bad luck. 37. What a way to get the ladies. Lad Mob 36. Pick up some aloe vera while you’re shopping, lady. Lad Mob Lad Mob 34. The iconic and original “sunburn chic.” Pinterest 33. Painful to even look at. BuzzFeed 32. School spirit…I guess. SMOSH 31. OW, OW, OW. SMOSH 30. Never fall asleep while eating ice cream. Pinterest 29. A brand new version of the “bro tank.” Pinterest 28. This is one gift I’d never want. Pinterest 27. Safety first…I guess. Pinterest BuzzFeed 25. No coverup will fix that, girl. BuzzFeed 24. Maybe that one-piece wasn’t so smart. BuzzFeed 23. It’s like a free bikini top. Twitter 22. Tribal tattoo for half the cost. Pinterest 21. The accuracy is real. BuzzFeed 20. Didn’t your momma ever teach you not to peel your sunburn? BuzzFeed 19. White-beater. BuzzFeed 18. Your friends must suck. Pinterest 17. You sure that’s not a red shirt, bro? Pinterest 16. Couples who burn together, stay together. BuzzFeed 15. Looks like you’re getting some bangs this summer! BuzzFeed 14. Note to self: stop buying strappy shirts. BuzzFeed 13. Was it a “Livestrong” bracelet? BuzzFeed 12. *Insert tomato emoji here.* BuzzFeed 11. Are you happy now? BuzzFeed 10. Couples who burn together, stay together part 2. ThoughtCo 9. Note to self: don’t be a bro. ThoughtCo 8. The price you pay for “high fashion.” ThoughtCo 7. Merica! RuinMyWeek 6. You’re with stupid–stupid being you. Pinterest 5. Don’t let a 5-year-old apply your sunscreen. Pinterest 4. This is what you get for wearing Crocs. Pinterest 3. Your friends are d*cks. College Humor 2. GIRLLLLLL… College Humor 1. Farmer’s tan to the fullest extent. College Humor No compatible source was found for this media.

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