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“Science of Beauty” Scientists Have Found The World’s Most Attractive Woman

Mathematical Beauty how to determine beauty of Humans

We all have very different ideas about what we perceive as beautiful. Humans are incredibly diverse, and as such, we are wired to be attracted to people of a range of different shapes, sizes and colors.

And as much as we don’t want to live in a world where people are defined by their looks, the truth of the matter is us humans are very easily impressed by a stunning face.

And as much as we like to say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we all know there are definitely people who are considered “classically beautiful”: you know, the lucky few who are almost universally thought of as attractive.

Still, when getting into any kind of discussion on who we think the most beautiful woman on the planet is, it can get quite heated. And that’s precisely because we tend to have really divisive ideas about beauty. You might think someone is extraordinarily stunning, but then it turns out she isn’t as objectively beautiful as you thought.

However, a team of researchers led by Gary Linkov from the Temple University School of Medicine in Philadelphia believe that they have discovered the true secret to what we find beautiful – as a general rule of course.

And as unsexy as it sounds, it turns out that beauty is a lot more mathematical than we once thought.

In fact, this idea that there is a formula to objective beauty has itself been dubbed “mathematical beauty” and it refers to the notion that there are ideal facial dimensions and ratios, and if everything is in proportion, this will make for a supremely attractive face.

According to this mathematical theory, for a youthful, fresh-faced appearance it is vital that the middle section of the face is heart-shaped.

And according to the mathematicians, women with heart-shaped faces are not only more youthful-looking but infinitely more stunning.

But if you have no idea what a “heart-shaped face” means in the real world, well, the mathematicians have very kindly given us Hollywood actress, Reese Witherspoon as an example.

And I know what you’re thinking – since when was Reese Witherspoon and her supposed heart-shaped face suddenly the epitome of supreme beauty?

I mean, yeah she’s an attractive woman but surely not more so than Charlize Theron who is constantly topping the world’s most beautiful women rankings? Also is Reese more striking than Adriana Lima, one of the most gorgeous Victoria’s Secret Angels on the planet?

Well, apparently the findings stemmed from analyzing 55 photographs of female models whereby mathematicians monitored what they believed were the ideal facial proportions.

On the faces that were deemed physically appealing, their cheekbones were about the same distance apart as the width of their eyebrows.

And on average the distance between their eyes was 59.2mm and the distance between their eyes and cheekbones was 13.1mm.

While the findings to this study are fairly telling, whether you buy into this theory or not should be completely irrelevant to your own life. The truth is, what we find attractive stems from a number of very complicated factors.

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